The Further Initiative


Taking the patient voice FURTHER in their asthma journey

Watch the video to learn more about the FURTHER initiative’s multi-disciplinary insights on asthma, through the lens of the patient journey - including webinar highlights from experts

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    The Further Initiative

    Examine the different opportunities and challenges that adult patients with asthma face, while exploring the role that health systems, guidelines, and contextual factors play in shaping these experiences.

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    The Further Initiative

    Explore how the future of asthma care holds promise and potential despite current challenges that exist along the patient journey.

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    The Further Initiative

    This webinar series features discussions with multidisciplinary experts from different regions spanning APAC, EU and LATAM on the importance of the patient voice in asthma care

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The FUture of RespiraTory HEalth Readiness (FURTHER) Initiative is a global effort to address important questions on the future landscape of chronic respiratory disease. The FURTHER initiative is programmed by Economist Impact with the support of GSK. Economist Impact maintains editorial independence of the initiative.